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King Harbor Boating Foundation partners with Los Angeles Maritime Institute for STEM Waterfront Education

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Together, the two non-profit organizations have formed a collaborative pilot program titled “STEM TopSail” that will use adventure-based learning to promote team building, problem solving, and leadership. (STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education.)

The navigation curriculum leverages STEM by teaching mathematics through nautical charting and additional skills necessary to sail a tall ship. Mastery of these skills will create a solid sailing foundation that will last a lifetime.

“We are extremely excited to bring our 23 years of experience working with youth to the South Bay in this collaboration with King Harbor Boating Foundation,” said Bruce Heyman, Executive Director of Los Angeles Maritime Institute. “It’s a complementary blend of existing programming that will allow more students and educators to benefit from a proven educational model.”

The joint-programs will be King Harbor based and include curriculum specifically designed to educate about the local Redondo Beach waters and ecosystems.

For the pilot program, there will be two different options: a Homeschool Program and Educator Classroom Program. The Homeschool Program is designed for middle schoolers with monthly classes aboard a tall ship that build upon each other and culminate with an overnight excursion to Catalina Island.

“Our Waterfront Education team is thrilled to introduce our homeschool partners to an educational adventure series aboard the tall ships,” said Julie Coll, Executive Director of King Harbor Boating Foundation. “Home-based education provides an opportunity to explore alternative teaching environments that engage students in active learning in a natural setting.”

The Educator Classroom Program will combine classroom education with at-sea learning activities, supporting the intentions of the Next Generation Science Standards. The customized educational experiences are designed to provide a teaching extension tool for educators allowing them to expose their students to learning in a natural environment, on the ocean aboard the tall ships.

The program is also receiving significant support this year from CenterCal Properties, the creators of the proposed Waterfront pier revitalization project in Redondo.


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